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Innovative Telecom & Softwares executes India’s first safe city project in Surat City

Basic Details

  • Project Name: Safe City Surat Project
  • Name of the organization: Office of Commissioner of Police Surat & Traffic Education Trust
  • Main Users of the Project: The project is meant for safeguarding Surat City from Crime and Terror. The project is utilized by the Police authorities to keep a virtual eye on the city movements and are monitoring for any illicit or anti-social activities. The Utility and Disaster Management and Planning commissions are taking aid of the hi-tech Information Management Technology for assistance in mechanized co-ordination and planning of their resources for in and around the city.
  • Project Duration: 4 months
  • Main Purpose: The main purpose of the Trust is to provide smooth management & awareness among Public for Traffic and to assist Police Department to  maintain Law and Order & to prevent Crime which have become a challenge for Surat City. Along with the rise of city population through urbanization, so gave the rise of threat levels leading to clustering of threat targets in India. The question of terrorism challenges kept influencing the way Surat city evaluated their security requirements that would be the best fit with their safety capabilities. Terrorism was the base issue influencing the project.
  • Solutions Implemented: Safe & Smarter Cities Solutions

Project Highlights

  • The uniqueness of this project is that it’s the first One-of-its-kind of Citywide Video Surveillance system in India.
  • Also the technology powering our solution deployed in this project is High-end and of international standards.
  • The solution is highly scalable up to any level of surveillance requirements.
  • PSIM- Physical Security Information Management System, the best of Video Surveillance Management technology used in this project is the first installation in India
  • The Nextiva IP Technology we have integrated benefits as a “single source” for virtually every facet of the networked video operations in the project.
  • The information flooding in through the live streaming from the field cameras is rapidly accessed and used at any point of time.
  • The DataCenter designed and deployed consists of huge storage capacity highly expandable and with the required redundancy standards using automated Integrated Building Management Systems like VESDA, Access Control, Fire Detection and Suppression System, Rodent Repellent, Water Leakage Detection, etc.

Project Abstract

  • Safe City Surat Project is a city sized security system that combines hardware, software and operational measures to provide video security, technical safety, and supports the management of utilities and other distributed services.
  • It is successfully executed under PPP mode (Public Private Partnership) in the record time of 4 months that benefits Surat, Gujarat with state-of-the-art 24x7 Video Surveillance and Security Command Center.
  • This Project is installed by Innovative Telecom & Softwares Pvt. Ltd., integrating latest technology in India for very first time with a large-scale multi-user CCTV surveillance system and the integration of the next generation Video & Situation Intelligence Solutions.
  • Under Phase I, around 100 cameras are installed at core public places and every doorways of the city which further shall be carried to install around 5000 cameras around the city.
  • This Project has not only made the city surveillance easier, but due to the inclusion of Integrated Physical Security Information Management system, this technology generates 2D mapping reports which is a facilitating system for mechanized source planning & execution for the Incident Management and excavation planning.


  • Project Name: ICT Infra Networking with latest GPON Technology project
  • Name of the Organization: Gujarat Hira Bourse (GHB)
  • Main Users of the project: GHB Members
  • Main Purpose: This mega project was undertaken for establishing communication OFC Passive Network on GPON Technology at Gujarat Hira Bourse’s most ambitious development named SEZ Gem & Jeweller Park at Ichchhapore nr. Surat.
  • Solutions Implemented: The project covers approximately 97 hectares of land Area wherein the Park has a 74 Hectare SEZ Notified Area and 23 Hectare DTA-I & II Areas. Basic infrastructure viz. CC Roads, Water Distribution Network and Sewage Disposal Network, Elevated Water Reservoir, Storm Water Drain, HT Electrical Under Ground Network with 66 kv Switchyard & Control Room, Street Light Facilities etc. that are established within the Park. The Park has 370 nos. of plots with sizes varying from 500 sq.yd to 50,000 sq.yds. We have significantly delivered the capacity providing all plot owners with Fiber connectivity through GPON network due to which they can take the advantage of all facilities (Data, Voice, Video etc.) via installed fiber network only.
  • Key Technologies: TE Connectivity
  • Future Scope: All Service providers can come up to Data Center only; over which all connectivity will be through optical network, nobody will be permissible to work inside GHB premises. This will help GHB avail facilities to its member plot holders as well as for future surveillance & other usages by GHB Developer.

Project Abstract: -

  • This complete, comprehensive, E2E GPON solutions is the first of this kind of project in Gujarat.
  • Many other huge mega projects will follow with GPON simply because it is a faster and cheaper solution compared with other PON technologies.
  • E2E GPON provided the customers with a low-cost and low-risk solution that significantly speeded time to market with GPON equipment.
  • It provides a remarkable capacity boosts in both the total bandwidth and bandwidth efficiency through the use of larger, variable-length packetsin PON technology.
  • Innovative credits the win of this tender to its retorting streamlined services as premeditated by GHB.



Project Name: IT Infrastructure Up-gradation Project- Nakoda Ltd.

  • Name of the Organization: Nakoda Ltd., Surat
  • Main Users of the project: Nakoda Ltd.
  • Main Purpose: Introduction of a robust hardware system that can take the load of increased pressure on company’s core IT Infrastructure. An integrated IT platform easy to plan, control and optimize with accuracy.
  • Solutions Implemented: Migration to IBM platform using IBM BladeCenter servers, IBM System Storage dS5020 and Tivoli Storage Manager
  • Key Technologies: IBM

Future Scope:

  • Less hardware to manage, long-term cost savings, reduced power consumption, improved business processes and efficiency
  • No requirement of Hardware addition for next five years
  • Highly scalable